Rotary Trimmers

Rotary trimmers cut paper and other material such as laminating film and the like. Some models will cut up to a 2mm depth and cut materials such as leather as well as paper stock. They come in a variety of cutting widths from small A3 up to 2 meter lengths.

Roll@Blade Rotary Trimmer 920

CODE: 100920

$715.00   $659.00 (Including tax)
Roll@Blade Rotary Trimmer 920 Magnificently designed and built by MAC this rotary trimmer is equipped with a large self-sharpening tungsten steel... More

NEOLT Desk Trim 80

CODE: 0175508

$699.00 (Including tax)
The NEOLT rotary desk trimmer has a trimming length of 80mm. This desk top paper trimmer has a rotating cutting blade and a depth capacity of up to 0.6mm.

NEOLT 100 Plus Desk Trimmer

CODE: 0292000

$699.00 (Including tax)
The Neolt 100 Plus has a cutting length of 100mm and cutting depth of .08mm.

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