Desktop Trimmers

Often referred to as guillotines, desktop or blade trimmers cut through wads of paper of various depths and widths depending on the model.

Ideal 1038 Trimmer

CODE: 0208030

$1,159.00 (Including tax)
PROFESSIONAL TRIMMER WITH MAXIMUM FEATURES AND 385 MM CUTTING LENGTH Resharpenable, high-quality blade set made of ”Solingen steel” | solid manual clamp for... More

Ideal 1046 Trimmer

CODE: 0208521

$1,099.00   $1,049.00 (Including tax)
INNOVATIVE OFFICE TRIMMER FOR A3 PLUS WITH AUTOMATIC CLAMP AND EASY_LIFT New cutting length of 460 mm for A3 oversize | automatic clamp for precise and... More

Ideal 1058 Trimmer

CODE: 0208240

$1,799.00   $1,599.00 (Including tax)
The model IDEAL 1058 offers operational comfort with features such as a front gauge with narrow strip cutting device and paper supports. With the automatic... More

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