Paper Trimmers

Paper trimmers are often referred to as guillotines. They come in a variety of categories from rotary trimmers which are generally used to cut wide formats to blade trimmers which cut through substantial thicknesses of paper.

Neolt Manual Trim 100

CODE: 0261670

$1,097.00 (Including tax)
Perfect for cutting drawings, plans, posters,� trimming laminations etc. Smooth running blade carriage. Rotary blade in hardened steel. Sheet press made of... More

Neolt Manual Rotary Trimmer 130

CODE: 0031364

$1,499.00 (Including tax)
The Neolt 130 manual rotary trimmer has a hardened steel blade and metal blade carriage. Ideal for trimming wide format paper stock and laminating film up to...

Neolt Manual RotaryTrimmer 150

CODE: 0109381

$1,899.00 (Including tax)
This wide format rotary trimmer has a cutting length of 1.5 metres. Hardened steel blade and metal cutting carriage will cut through 0.08mm of stock.

Neolt Manual Trim 200

CODE: 0203810

$2,499.00 (Including tax)
Wit a wide 2 metre cutting length this rotary trimmer is perfect for trimming drawings, plans, posters, and the like. The rotary blade is hardened steel and... More

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