Strip Cut Shredders

Strip or straight cut paper shredders secures sensitive information from being used for identity theft or other forms of information violations.

Ideal 2220 Desk Side Shredder

CODE: 0244691

$379.00   $325.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 2220  PERSONAL SHREDDER is the perfect compact strip cut paper shredder which fits neatly under your desk for convenient shredding. Its... More

Ideal 2360 Strip Cut Shredder

CODE: 0305001

$1,405.00   $1,199.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 2360 Strip Cut Shredder - Convenience and performance where and when you need it. Compact to fit under your desk and powerful enough to handle 14... More

Ideal 8240 Shredcat Shredder
$219.00 (Including tax)
The Ideal 8240 Shredcat Shredder is great value shredder with a small price tag but great features. Choose mode with Multi-function switch between Stop /... More

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