Paper Shredders

There’s a lot of hype today about identity theft. Government departments and offices are required to ensure the safe destruction of their customers and employees information. It is extremely difficult to know which shredder is the right one for your office.

So which paper shredder should you invest in?

  1. First of all you will need to consider the volume of paper that you need to shred. The most costly mistake is underestimating the volume to be shredded as overload will soon lead to motor and gear breakage.
  2. Noise level in your office is also important. Some shredders grind as they struggle to destruct the paper whilst others have quiet, efficient motors. 
  3. Feed opening is another important factor. Consider what is the size of your paper? Is it A4 or A3? The wider the feed opening generally the more expensive the machine. 
  4. How large is the waste bin? Cross cut shredders compact significantly more than strip cut shredder. As a general rule the larger the waste bin the more expensive the machine.
  5. Quality of gears and efficiency of motor is of utmost importance. Many cheaply manufactured shredders compromise on componentry quality.
  6. Features such as auto start and stop, full-bin stop, reverse anti-jam are all convenient features.

Personal & Desk Side Shredders

At the entry level position are personal shredders, which are appropriate for individuals such as the home office or executive. They are small and compact and will often fit under to beside a desk. Perfect for offices with restricted space but they are not meant for heavy use. These light weight shredders can be easily moved around. Depending on the model, personal shredders capacity ranges from shredding between one to 10 sheets of paper at a time.

General Office Shredders

This class of shredder is a size larger than the small desk shredder. General office shredders are medium-sized shredders have a capacity of a maximum of 26 sheets of paper at a time depending on the security level and feed opening.


 Strip-Cut Shredders

Generally this method of shredding is used for low to medium security levels. The cutting technique of a strip cut shredder speaks for itself. The cutting heads (blades) slice the paper into long strips of various widths known as particle size. Generally strip cut shredder particles are between 4mm to 6mm in width. Motor efficiency and particle thickness will determine the quantity of media a shredder can effectively shred at once. Strip cut will generally shred more pages than cross-cut.


Cross-Cut Shredders

Cross-cut shredders literally cut paper on the cross or diagonal. The dual cutting action of the cutting heads (blades) also produces shorter length particles ensuring higher security than strip cut models. Furthermore the particles tend to compact well providing by default an increased waste capacity. Cross-cut shredders are generally more expensive than strip cut, however due to their additional compaction it reduces the need to purchase a machine with a large waste capacity.

Micro-Cut Shredder

A shredder that reduces paper into tiny dust sized particles, thus offering the highest level of security. This level of security is usually for destruction of top secret government and military documents.

Commercial Shredders

These high to very high capacity shredders shred from 35 to 50 sheets at a time. Commercial grade shredders are well-suited for large offices of over 20 users, banks and government agencies. They rapidly shred large volumes with ease saving a lot of time. Industrial Shredders Industrial shredders have an enormous shredding capacity of up to 450 sheets at a time. Specifically manufactured for high volume shredding they are built and designed to withstand continuous daily use.

Ideal 2360 Strip Cut Shredder

CODE: 0305001

$1,405.00   $1,199.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 2360 Strip Cut Shredder - Convenience and performance where and when you need it. Compact to fit under your desk and powerful enough to handle 14... More

Ideal 2404 Desk Side Shredder Strip Cut

CODE: 0211201

$1,499.00   $1,325.00 (Including tax)
Suitable for small / home offices this powerful desk side shredder uses and includes an environmentally friendly permanent shredding bag. Also features... More

Ideal 2404 Desk Side Shredder Cross Cut

CODE: 0211211

$1,599.00   $1,495.00 (Including tax)
Suitable for small work groups this powerful desk side shredder includes an permanent environmentally friendly shred bag, Also comes with Ideals Safety... More
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Ideal 2360 Cross Cut Shredder

CODE: 0363160

$1,499.00   $1,399.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 2360 Cross Cut Shredder - Convenience and performance where and when you need it. Compact to fit under your desk and powerful enough to handle 10... More

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