Paper Drills

Electric paper drills or paper punches are used to drill holes into thick wads of paper. Generally used for filing thick documents into D ring folders.

Drill Bit Lihit 2003

CODE: 10020031

$64.90 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - LIHIT 2003 electric paper drill bit

Lihit 2001/2003 Instruction Manual

CODE: 1002003

$7.50 (Including tax)
Lihit 2001/2003 Paper Drill Instruction Manual

Drill Bit Pair Lihit 2005

CODE: 10020051

$219.00 (Including tax)
Pair of drill bits to suit LIHIT 2005 twin spindle paper drill

Lihit 1013/1015 Baseboards

CODE: 10010132

$49.00   $41.90 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Protection boards to suit Lihit Lab 1013 and 1015 electric paper drills

Hollow Drill Bit Sharpener

CODE: P-421

$98.00   $79.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Drill sharpener for Lihit Paper Drills. Kit also available 

Lihit 1015 Paper Drill

CODE: 1001015

$2,749.00   $2,449.00 (Including tax)
LIHIT 1015 Paper Drill - This machine will drill up to 50mm and 12mm diameter. The Rolls Royce of Paper Drills! LIHIT Lab - THE name in electric Paper... More

LIHIT 2003 Protection Boards

CODE: 10020032

$35.20   $31.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Lihit 2003 protection boards. These specialised fibre baseboards protect your drill bit from wearing needlessly. Qty pack of 5.

LIHIT Paper Drill Maintenance Kit

CODE: 10010135

$172.00   $154.00 (Including tax)
LIHIT Paper Drill Maintenance Kit includes pair of levers for drill bit extraction, pick, sharpener, honing stone and rod. 

LIHIT 2005 Protection Boards

CODE: 10020052

$29.50   $29.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Protection pads to suit Lihit 2005 dual spindle  electric paper drills. These fibre plugs are essential for protecting your drill... More

Drill Bit Lihit 2001

CODE: 10020011

$97.90   $92.90 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - LIHIT 2001 electric paper drill bit

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