Paper Drills

Electric paper drills or paper punches are used to drill holes into thick wads of paper. Generally used for filing thick documents into D ring folders.

Drill Bit Uchida VS15 Drill Bits

CODE: 100151

$97.90   $81.50 (Including tax)
Drill bit to suit Uchida VS15 electric paper drill.

Drill Bit Uchida VS25 Drill Bits

CODE: 100251

$71.50 (Including tax)
Drill bit to suit Uchida VS25 electric paper drill.

Drill Bit Uchida VS55 Drill Bits

CODE: 100551

$71.50 (Including tax)
Drill bit to suit Uchida VS55 electric paper drill.

Wax Sticks Pk 10

CODE: 1001022

$21.00 (Including tax)
Replacement wax sticks to lubricate electric paper punch drill bits

KW-9556 Lever-Tech Heavy Duty 2 Hole Punch - New Product
$299.00   $219.00 (Including tax)
The New Kw-9556 heavy duty 2 hole punch can punch up to 200 sheets of paper with 6mm diameter holes. Modern design with lightweight base, lever technique... More

Lihit 2003 Paper Drill

CODE: 1002003

$1,699.00   $1,429.00 (Including tax)
LIHIT 2003 Electric Paper Drill The preferred paper punch by Government Departments and in-house print rooms for its reliability and durability. This... More

Lihit 1013 Paper Drill

CODE: 1001013

$2,399.00   $2,089.00 (Including tax)
LIHIT 1013 Paper Drill is capable of drilling holes up to 12mm diameter with a 50mm depth drilling capacity. This paper drill has a program bar with a 5... More

Lihit 2005 Paper Drill

CODE: 1002005

$3,999.00   $3,649.00 (Including tax)
This twin-head paper drill is a must for busy departments and is very easy to use. The Lihit P-2005 AUTO PUNCH is computer-controlled to automatically punch... More

Uchida VS25 Electric Paper Drill

CODE: 0211300

$2,799.00   $2,599.00 (Including tax)
Uchida VS25 Electric Paper Dril -  Highly accurate and safe. All Uchida paper drills are designed for simplicity and ease of use. The drilling... More

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