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Lihit 2005 Paper Drill

CODE: 1002005

List price: $3,999.00  

Price: $3,649.00

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This twin-head paper drill is a must for busy departments and is very easy to use. The Lihit P-2005 AUTO PUNCH is computer-controlled to automatically punch two holes at a time, 8cm apart, in documents up to 50mm thick. It requires only 6 seconds to punch a pair of holes. The self centering table ensures that paper is always correctly aligned.

The Lihit P-2005 AUTO PUNCH allows you to easily punch through thick documents or piles of handouts. The specially machined drill bits have excellent durability. (The drill bit is not allowed to be ground down)

Should an overload be detected, the Lihit P-2005 AUTO PUNCH automatically stops and a red light flashes . Should this happen, press the reset switch and check the condition of the drill bits and other parts. If the housing is not properly remounted, the start switch remains inoperative.


  • Condenser Motor Volt: 240V
  • Power: 480W
  • Dimensions (W) 312mm x (L) 425mm x (H) 318mm 
  • Workable Table Size (W) 312mm x (L) 220mm 
  • Drilling Depth 50mm 
  • Weight 15.5kg

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