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KW Trio 3946 Manual Guillotine

CODE: 1003946

List price: $2,419.00  

Price: $2,199.00

(Including tax) You save: $220.00 (9%)

Manual Ream Guillotine -430 mm Cutting Length for SR A3 documents (A3 oversize)

This popular model is exceptional quality at an affordable price! With active cutting arm technology it makes cutting effortless and accurate; cuts paper stacks up to 55mm with ease.

Complete with stand, geared clamp and micrometer for perfectly accurate cutting.

  • 430 cutting length
  • 435mm table depth
  • 55mm cutting depth (over a ream)
  • Crank adjustable back gauge
  • Firm geared clamping system
  • Common paper format indicators
  • Accurate side ruler
  • Optical cutting line
  • Active cutting arm technology
  • High quality steel blade
  •  Solid steel blade carrier
  • Calibrated scale for fine adjustment
  • Spindle guided back gauge

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