Cross Cut Shredders

Cross cut paper shredders reduce your sensitive information into small compact diagonal particles.

Ideal 2404 Desk Side Shredder Cross Cut

CODE: 0211211

$1,599.00   $1,495.00 (Including tax)
Suitable for small work groups this powerful desk side shredder includes an permanent environmentally friendly shred bag, Also comes with Ideals Safety... More
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Ideal 2604 Cross Cut Shredder

CODE: 0266072

$2,749.00   $2,495.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 2604 Cross Cut Shredder - Suitable for continuous operation this powerful strip cut shredder will shred 15 sheets per pass!  Safety... More

Ideal 3104 Cross Cut Shredder

CODE: 0278922

$4,599.00   $3,995.00 (Including tax)
IDEAL 3104 Cross Cut Shredder - Perfect for the medium office with a feed opening of 310mm suitable to shred A3 documents.  Anti-jam electronic... More

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