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Ideal 2360 Cross Cut Shredder

CODE: 0363160

List price: $1,499.00  

Price: $1,399.00

(Including tax) You save: $100.00 (7%)

IDEAL 2360 Cross Cut Shredder - Convenience and performance where and when you need it. Compact to fit under your desk and powerful enough to handle 10 sheets per pass including staples and paper clips with ease.

Safety Protection System (SPS) Package includes electronically controlled safety flap located in the feed opening. EASY SWITCH provides intelligent control indicating operational status with colour coded back-lit symbols. Auto reverse and power cut-off avoids paper jams and stops shredding automatically when the bin is full. The electronic door is protected by a magnetic proximity switch. The powerful motor is double insulated and converts to energy safe mode when not in use. Other high end features include photo cell senses for convenient auto start/stop, a generous 240mm feed opening,  life-time guarantee guarantee on cutting shafts, quiet powerful 390 watt motor, paper dust proof gear box housing with exceptionally durable gears and a  generous 35 litre permanent plastic waste bag.

Dimensions (H x W x D): 630 x 395 x 295 mm

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