Manual Guillotines

Manual guillotines cut through thick stacks of paper by clamping the stack firmly in place then manually pulling a lever down to cut through the paper The large blade slices through a thick wad in seconds.

KwTrio 3947 Manual Guillotine

CODE: 1003947

$1,399.00   $1,099.00 (Including tax)
The KwTrio 3947 manual paper guillotine can cut up to 200 sheets of 80gsm paper easily and with little effort. The optical cutting line ensures perfect... More

KW Trio 3946 Manual Guillotine

CODE: 1003946

$2,419.00   $2,199.00 (Including tax)
Manual Ream Guillotine -430 mm Cutting Length for SR A3 documents (A3 oversize) This popular model is exceptional quality at an affordable price!... More

Ideal 4305 Manual Guillotine

CODE: 0327930

$3,499.00   $2,999.00 (Including tax)
MANUAL OFFICE GUILLOTINE WITH 430 MM CUTTING LENGTH (FOR FORMATS UP TO A3) ”SCS“ - the Safety Cutting System made by IDEAL provides numerous safety... More

Ideal 4705 Manual Guillotine

CODE: 0232841

$5,275.00 (Including tax)
POWERFUL MANUAL OFFICE GUILLOTINE WITH 475 MM CUTTING LENGTH Cuts large formats of up to 475 mm in length | 70 mm cutting height | high-quality blade made... More

Ideal 1080 trimmer

CODE: 0097457

$3,189.00   $3,075.00 (Including tax)
This paper trimmer has a high quality wide angle blade for paper and heavier materials. Mounted on a sturdy stand it has an extension table which can be... More

Ideal 1110 trimmer

CODE: 0097473

$5,399.00   $4,799.00 (Including tax)
This robust trimmer offers basically the same operational features as IDEAL model 1080, but has a cutting length of 110 cm and larger table size. Features... More

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