Electric Guillotines

Electric guillotines cut through a thick stack of paper stock by simply pushing two buttons simultaneously. This is to ensure the safety of the guillotine operator. Models vary in depth and length of cut, others feature electronic programming and automatic clamping.

KwTrio 3952 Electric Guillotine

CODE: 1003952

$5,499.00 (Including tax)
Electric Guillotine at an Affordable Price The KW Trio 3952 electric guillotine is exceptionally well manufactured and accurate. Perfect for effortless... More

Ideal 4215 electric guillotine

CODE: 0328420

$8,999.00   $8,499.00 (Including tax)
With the electric blade drive this ream guillotine has a 430 mm cutting length and a cutting height of 40mm. The machine is designed as a table top (stand... More

Kw Trio 3982SL Electronic Guillotine
$15,395.00 (Including tax)
The KwTrio 3982SL is a fully programmable advanced electronic paper guillotine featuring the IR safety curtain on the front table. Extensive safety features... More

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