Folding Machines

Both friction fed and aero fold folding machines available in a range of brands and specifications.

Uchida F30N Folding Machine

CODE: 0211330

$5,999.00 (Including tax)
Single sheet friction fed desktop folder that accommodates up to A3 size paper. Manual fold type setting for 7 different folds with auto paper feeding and a... More

Uchida F47N Folding Machine

CODE: 0345380

$9,925.00 (Including tax)
Advanced paper folder with adjustable feed pressure for greater compatability with coated paper. Automatic paper recognition up to A3 size. Automatic paper... More

Ideal 8324 Folding Machine

CODE: 0345370

$6,999.00   $5,999.00 (Including tax)
The Ideal 8324 is an easy to use single sheet automatic folding machine. By the simple turn of a dial you can change between 4 different folding settings.... More

Ideal 8305 Paper Folding Machine

CODE: 0364880

$3,490.00   $2,890.00 (Including tax)
The Ideal 8305 is an easy to use A4 single sheet automatic folding machine. Friction fed and capable of 4 different types of fold. LED display with folding... More

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