Paper Drill Consumables

Premium quality paper drill consumables available from drill bits, maintenance kits, sharpeners, tools, waste bags,wax sticks and the like. Most leading brands such as Lihit Lab, Uchida, Nagel and many more.

Lihit 2001/2003 Instruction Manual

CODE: 1002003

$7.50 (Including tax)
Lihit 2001/2003 Paper Drill Instruction Manual

Drill Bit Pair Lihit 2005

CODE: 10020051

$219.00 (Including tax)
Pair of drill bits to suit LIHIT 2005 twin spindle paper drill

Lihit 1013/1015 Baseboards

CODE: 10010132

$49.00   $41.90 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Protection boards to suit Lihit Lab 1013 and 1015 electric paper drills

Hollow Drill Bit Sharpener

CODE: P-421

$98.00   $79.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Drill sharpener for Lihit Paper Drills. Kit also available 

LIHIT 2003 Protection Boards

CODE: 10020032

$35.20   $31.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Lihit 2003 protection boards. These specialised fibre baseboards protect your drill bit from wearing needlessly. Qty pack of 5.

LIHIT Paper Drill Maintenance Kit

CODE: 10010135

$172.00   $154.00 (Including tax)
LIHIT Paper Drill Maintenance Kit includes pair of levers for drill bit extraction, pick, sharpener, honing stone and rod. 

LIHIT 2005 Protection Boards

CODE: 10020052

$29.50   $29.00 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - Protection pads to suit Lihit 2005 dual spindle  electric paper drills. These fibre plugs are essential for protecting your drill... More

Drill Bit Lihit 2001

CODE: 10020011

$97.90   $92.90 (Including tax)
Genuine Part - LIHIT 2001 electric paper drill bit

Drill Bit Uchida VS15 Drill Bits

CODE: 100151

$97.90   $81.50 (Including tax)
Drill bit to suit Uchida VS15 electric paper drill.

Drill Bit Uchida VS25 Drill Bits

CODE: 100251

$71.50 (Including tax)
Drill bit to suit Uchida VS25 electric paper drill.

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