Wire Binding Machines

iWire-21 2:1 Pitch double loop wire binding machine

CODE: 1001121

$499.00 (Including tax)
New! MAC has added another quality product to their famous range of binding machines. Sleek, stylish, modern and compact, the iWire contemporary binder is... More

iWire-31 3:1 Pitch double loop wire binding machine

CODE: 1001191

$499.00 (Including tax)
Sleek, stylish, modern and compact, the iWire 31 contemporary binder is designed with the end user in mind. It is easy to use and like all the MAC range is... More

eWire 21 Binding Machine

CODE: 1008723

$419.00   $375.00 (Including tax)
eWire 21 Binder - Unbeatable Price Binding documents over 110 sheets? Not binding large quantities? Then the eWire 21 is the binder for you! Why... More

WireMac 21 Binding Machine

CODE: 1002121

$769.00   $595.00 (Including tax)
 Wiremac 21 Manual Wire Binding 2:1 manual wire binding machine. Can bind books up to 270 sheets in a two to one pitch ratio (using 23 loop wire).... More

WireMac 31 Binding Machine

CODE: 120

$769.00   $545.00 (Including tax)
The famous WireMac 31 is a true business class wire binding machine. Manufactured to perfection, this solid machine has stood the test of time. Its ease... More

Wiremac Duo Wire Binding Machine

CODE: 1001012

$1,499.00   $899.00 (Including tax)
WireMac DUO Manual Wire Binding Machine Combined 2:1 and 3:1 wire pitch in one machine. Most wire binders are available only in either 3:1 or 2:1... More

WireMac Combo 21 Binding Machine

CODE: 1001009

$1,099.00   $929.00 (Including tax)
WireMac Combo 21 The MAC Combo gives you the option to bind your documents in either plastic comb or double loop wire. This model, the WireMac Combo 21... More

WireMac Combo 31 Binding Machine

CODE: 1001310

$1,099.00   $929.00 (Including tax)
WireMac Combo 31 This model binds in 3:1 pitch wire and plastic comb. If your wire documents are 12mm or less  in thickness this is the model for... More

WireMac E21 Electric Double Loop Wire Binding Machine

CODE: 110

$2,000.00   $1,899.00 (Including tax)
The WireMac E21 electric punch binding machine is a masterpiece! If you enjoy flying business class then this true business class binder is just what you... More

WBM 532 Wire Closer

CODE: 100532

$649.00   $489.00 (Including tax)
HEAVY DUTY WIRE CLOSER FOR 2:1 AND 3:1 DOCUMENTS The WBM 532 wire closer is a heavy-duty modular wire closer that allows you to close all standard size... More

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