Wire Binding

Double Loop Wire binding has rapidly become the most popular binding choice in offices due to its professional finish and secure bind. Sometimes referred to as Wire-O or wire bind, the wire forms double loops which fit into the perforated square holes in the paper. At the end of the punching process, the wire binding element is crimped closed from its open “C” shape to a closed circle which secures the pages within. The closed wire is not obstructed by a spine (as like plastic comb) therefore allows the document to turn a full 360° and the book will lay flat when opened.



Wire binding produces a professional finish and pages turn freely 360°. Depending on the model, wire binding machines with features such as a continuous punching guide and punch cancellation allows the operator to bind all document formats such as legal, A5 and A3 binding down the long edge.


Additional pages cannot be inserted once the document has been bound without destroying the binding wire. Double loop wire is limited to binding documents up to 12mm thickness in a three-to-one pitch and 28.5mm in thickness in a two-to-one pitch ratio.

Wire Binding Pitch Explained

Unlike plastic comb binding, wire binding is separated into 2 different ratios; these ratios being 2:1 and 3:1. The ratios are referred to as pitch and relate to the number of holes per inch perforated down an A4 sheet. For example a 3:1 document has 3 holes per inch punched down an A4 sheet and 2:1 has 2 holes per inch perforated down an A4 sheet.

The wire pitch you choose depends on your own personal preference. Three-to-one pitch wire (34 loops) punches the holes closer together, creating a tighter-looking bind. The downside is that the 3:1 pitch cannot bind as thick a book as the 2:1 pitch. Two-to-one wire binding can bind a thicker book (up to 28.5mm). The holes are slightly larger to accommodate the thicker gauge wire required to secure a thicker document. Also the holes need to be spaced further apart to provide the "give" necessary for a thicker document to turn freely 360°.

Two-to-one wires (23 loop) are available in diameter sizes ranging from 6.4mm which will bind a document up to 30 pages through to 32mm which will bind a document of approximately 240 pages. Although you cannot bind documents over 12mm thick in 3:1 pitch (34 loop), you can bind documents under 12mm in 2:1 (23 loop) wire. 

Wiremac Duo Wire Binding Machine

CODE: 1001012

$1,499.00   $899.00 (Including tax)
WireMac DUO Manual Wire Binding Machine Combined 2:1 and 3:1 wire pitch in one machine. Most wire binders are available only in either 3:1 or 2:1... More

WireMac Combo 21 Binding Machine

CODE: 1001009

$1,099.00   $929.00 (Including tax)
WireMac Combo 21 The MAC Combo gives you the option to bind your documents in either plastic comb or double loop wire. This model, the WireMac Combo 21... More

WireMac Combo 31 Binding Machine

CODE: 1001310

$1,099.00   $929.00 (Including tax)
WireMac Combo 31 This model binds in 3:1 pitch wire and plastic comb. If your wire documents are 12mm or less  in thickness this is the model for... More

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