Spiral Coil Binding

Plastic Spiral Coil binding is quickly becoming a very popular style of binding for its durability and versatility. Spiral binding machines perforate small holes down a page through which a spring like flexible plastic coil is inserted. To secure the document the excess length of coil is cut and crimped at each end of the book.

This robust binding method is an excellent choice for training manuals, tenders, musical scores, teaching aids or any document which are handled frequently.



Plastic coils are strong yet flexible. If squashed or handled roughly, the coil will immediately spring back into shape. Like double loop wire binding, spiral bound documents lay flat and turn freely 360°. Pages can be added by uncoiling and reinserting the coil.  


Limitation in binding capacity of 240 sheets, as the largest coil size is 32mm in diameter. A “stepping up effect” occurs where the writing on the opposite page is slightly higher than the other.

Round Holes versus Oval Holes

There are 2 different shaped holes to choose from in spiral binding; round and oval. Round holes tend to make coil insertion a challenge whilst oval holes (often referred to PLUS models) ensures a much easier coil insertion especially when binding thicker documents. 

iCoil - Plastic Spiral Coil Binding Machine

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eCoil Spiral Coil Binding Machine

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