Comb Binding

Plastic Comb Binding

These days plastic comb binding is most commonly used for binding thick documents or where there is a frequent need to add or extract pages from the bound document. The plastic comb pattern is generally 21 rectangular holes punched down an A4 page which snuggly fit the shape of the plastic "teeth".




Plastic comb binding can bind documents as thick as 450 sheets, whilst double loop wire and spiral coil binding are more restricted in their binding capacity. Pages can be inserted and extracted as required and the binding combs are considerably less expensive than binding in double-loop wire.


Often this style of binding is not considered to have the aesthetic appeal of wire binding. The spine of the plastic comb restricts the pages from being turned 360° or to lay flat. The nature of the plastic "teeth" tend to "bite" into the pages which can compromise the security of the document.

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Leathergrain Binding Covers A3 270gsm

CODE: 1003270

$70.40 (Including tax)
Premium grade A4 Binding Covers - Leathergrain Embossed 270 gsm, UV protected for colour fastness so the dye will not fade or run. Exceptional quality at an...

PVC Clear A3 Binding Covers

CODE: 1003250

$72.05   $70.40 (Including tax)
Premium Quality 250 micron clear PVC binding covers - Qty 100 per packet

CombMac 240E and 240M Comb Closer Base
$115.00   $84.00 (Including tax)
Comb Closer Base to allow for two person operating suitable for both the CombMac 240E and CombMac 240M binding machine.

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