AD-1 corner cutter

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Round Corner Cutter AD-1

CODE: 1001004

Price: $299.00

(Including tax)

This amazing machine, MAC AD1 effortlessly rounds corners off card or paper stock up to 1cm in thickness. At first glance it is difficult to conceptualise that this machine slices through 10mm of card like its butter!

Its amazingly strong build is manufactured using the highest quality componentry. It will effortlessly cut through PVC, polypropylene, paper and even light weight aluminium and leather!

This manual corner rounder comes complete with a 6mm radius die, alignment template and tool kit. Its interchangeable dies are constructed from exceptionally strong steel and are available in 10mm, 3.5mm, half moon, straight knife and 6mm hole. Ideal for rounding ID cards, business cards, covers, invitations, postcards and the like.

Please note: This machine comes with a 6mm corner die. Other dies are optional and available separately.

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